Squidbeam Games – Twobit, a VR puzzle game

So much innovation in the world of VR right now!  I recently had the opportunity to demo a puzzle game called Twobit, with none other than it’s creator, Mr. Laurent Kermel.  The game puts you in control of a little robot who needs your help in solving puzzles like escaping from rooms and traps.


Well designed and fun game.  There’s a control mechanic that I would say is pretty unique to VR – you are able to control the robot with only your head/eyes.  You simply look at a target location or object and the robot makes his way over after a short delay.  This is a very nice demonstration platform for the power of simple body language and motion, and really underscores the ability of VR to take advantage of these types of control cues where other systems can’t.
VR fans, keep an eye on Squidbeam games!
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