Sentry by Cyndr

Patent Pending Intruder Notification Device

Take Back Your Personal Space

5m IR Detection

Sentry comes with a built-in infrared detection sensor that notifies you when someone gets within 5 meters of your workspace. You’ll get an alert notifying you when it picks up motion.

90 Degree Detection Cone

Sentry’s advanced detection sensor extends to a 90 degree radius from the point of fixation. This broad reach makes sure you can enjoy fail-proof detection while you’re working or playing.

Configurable Sensitivity

You have complete control and customization capability on the amount of sensitivity the sensor on your Sentry unit has. This will help it better fit your unique likes and dislikes.

Bottom Mounted Magnet

To help your Sentry unit stay where you want it in your workstation, we’ve equipped it with a bottom-mounted magnet so you won’t have to worry about it sliding or shifting.

Configurable Popup
Size & Opacity

Complete control over the pop-up alert screen to accomodate personal preferences and requirements.


If Sentry detects motion, this optional client side feature minimizes all windows and brings you back to your desktop.

Overlays Inside
DirectX 9, 10, 11

The pop-up window fits over DirectX9, DirectX10, and DirectX11 graphics installations in order to render correctly on your machine.

Strong Product


Our team is focused on using best of breed technologies for the Cyndr Sentry. Along with research on the best way to construct each unit, our team also has planned iterations for the product lifecycle to keep it relevant with fresh and innovative features. We’re also working on ideas, designs, and plans for new technologies and products.

Front Shot


  • Mac Support
  • OpenGL Overlay
  • Linux Support
  • DX 12 Overlay Support
  • Virtual Reality Headset Support