Last week at AWE 2017 I was introduced to some really cool, innovative VR control tech by the folks at DigiBit (  They have developed some motion sensing devices that strap to your hands or feet allowing you to control your VR game with gestures and movements.  I had a chance to demo the wrist strap units at AWE and they work really well.
For those of us who are interested in applying VR games and experiences to personal fitness, these are potentially a must-have.  DigiBit appears to be quite focused on marketing the fitness angle, and emphasizes using the devices as a way to get your kids (and yourself) more active.  Combining video games with personal workouts is a huge plus in my book!
DigiBit has a Kickstarter campaign launching next month, so it’s coming up very soon.  Be sure to take a look!
Besides the motion sensing controllers, they also make a mobile VR headset case for your smartphone.  And another amazing thing about Colt and his team is that they are creating their own games that are designed to work perfectly with the DigiBits.  While the focus now is mainly on mobile apps, when I spoke to them at AWE they also indicated a desire to get into high performance VR as well.
A lot of great stuff coming from DigiBit worth keeping an eye on!

The mobile VR case headset:

Founder Colt Correa introducing the tech:

Presentation at AWE:

Commercial video:

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