Many people are taking to the streets to get the best black Friday deals, but you and me know that the best deals can be found from the comfort of your home on the internet. Though cyber monday is a thing, both amazon and newegg are participating in black Friday deals, and those on new-egg should be available throughout the weekend.

I have compiled a list of the deals which caught my eye and should be awesome for any gamer out there, whether you into consoles, custom PC building, or the ever increasingly powerful mobile gaming market, this list has something for you.

New Egg:

I personally think the I7-6700K is one of the best processors out for the Skylake line, boasting both a very respectable level of power and a price tag more commonly associated with AMD


The Xbone has received its own level of teasing, and through some of it is well deserved the console has proven to be quite powerful. The S, the latest mid generation update, was released earlier this year, and with the 2TB version in high demand, this is an excellent option, nearly $100 less than a similar version being offered on Microsoft’s store.


Now I am the first to admit that i am not a huge fan of laptop gaming, this is a very compelling option. Bosting a full size 1060 graphics card, this option boosts the power often found only in desktop gaming towers, without breaking the bank… truth be told this would not be a bad price for the 1060m.  The only issue i see with this offering is the somewhat anemic, though totally functional, 128GB hard drive.


Graphics cards have always been the moving target of gaming, the constant bottleneck preventing you from losing frames with Ultra settings in whatever the latest AAA game is at the moment… well look no further, this awesome GTX 1070 not only has a modest price, but looks pretty awesome.



Alright, I need to make a confession before we jump into this… I really like Cyberpowerpc… like these guys are awesome. That being said, this option is priced almost perfectly for the gamer ready to upgrade their rig beyond what would make sense, or you need a new rig all together, look no further. Beautiful, priced right, and with more power than a team of Clydesdales, here is your champion.


Need a new gaming laptop but cannot afford the new egg offering, or dont see the need for that pulty SSD… i got you, check out this guy. With the same GTX 1060, and also by gigabyte this guy has some power to spare.


Keyboards are always great gifts, and it’s hard to go wrong with razer on anything they do, and I think it goes doubly for the black widow chroma… this is actually the keyboard I use in my personal set up… seriously if you’re thinking about upgrading your keyboard, check this guy out.

$119.99 (yea, for real)

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