About Cyndr

Avi Steiner

Avi Steiner is a multi-national software whiz and MBA, educated at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, with additional business training at Fudan University in Shanghai. He has a very active startle reflex and is looking forward to full functionality of Sentry and other Cyndr products to prevent future heart attacks, as he would prefer not to meet his demise at the hands of his wife in a darkened room during a game of Fallout 4.

Avi has previously led software R&D projects in the telecommunications and avionics industries. He has also developed a business model for his wife’s medical consulting firm for hippie physicians. He recently completed reading all 912 pages of Henry Kissinger’s Diplomacy (and recommends that you do not ask him about it).

Since joining Cyndr, Avi has been responsible for due diligence on software and business opportunities, software development and integration, business development operations, and patent management.